Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We are not Immigrants!!!

We are not a nation of entirely immigrants. Some of our ancestors were here before wholesale immgration to the western hemisphere began. If my ancestors crossed the "Ice Bridge" then they were the ORIGINAL settlers of this continent. Meaning in the usual eurocentric traditions the newer mmigrants moved onto land owned and deeded to people ALREADY living there. Furthermore, because my forebears couldn't lay hand to their copy of the deed (which incedentally, I'm sure was under a pile of hides in the corner of the wigwam, tipi or longhouse at the time) we have beenconstantly losing ground to a culture that has overwhelmed us by sheer numbers. If the hispanic population continues as projected, newer immigrants will outstrip the "grand old families" of immigrants. What will the "grand old families" have to say when someone moves into theri old digs? Oh, I just remembered the "right to bear arms clause! How convenient.
Once the vast resources of this continent are depleted, where will these guys emigrate to? South America? What about after the planet's eventual depletion at the current rate? Then the moon? Mars? Maybe there is OIL there, or some other easily exploited power source.
I realize I give no answers to all of this. I think the answer has to start with all of us, rich, poor, middle class, Foreign and Domestic, weird and plain to start putting our resources to the most important of our current and pressing needs as stated by a native long ago: Let us prepare for the Seventh Generation unborn.

'nuff for today
Shey Hoy