Monday, March 24, 2008

About the Book List

I have been meaning to explain my book list, because some of the titles may seem confusing. American Indian Thought: Philosophical Essays, ISBN 0631223045 is loaded with Native American thinking and Philosophy, and is extremely enlightening reading. It has several essays I find empowering. All of the Gregory Cajete books detail native science and aboriginal teaching methods, so are a staple on my shelf. the ISBN numbers are Native Science: 1-57416-035-4. Igniting the Sparkle: 1-882308-66-2, and both add a pedagogical component to the list. David Abram's "Spell of the Sensuous" is a sociological and experiential look at the human need to be in touch with the environment. In the February 25, 2008 edition of People Magazine, Page 53 it seems that Ellen Page is reading this book, ISBN 0-679-77639-7. This is one of the books that truly made an impact on what I do in teaching and day-to-day life. Many of the things i take for granted it seems others must tune out. A huge MUST read book. I like only certain philosophies, and Taoism fits with my thinking nicely. I'm a Gemini, and have always faced this sort of dichotomy in almost everything I do. The Benjamin Hoff books using Pooh and Piglet to illustrate various principles are great books to read, even for casual interest. The Tao of Pooh is ISBN 0140067477 and the Te of Piglet is ISBN 0140230165. No indigenous Science bookshelf would be complete without Blackfoot Physics By F. David Peat, ISBN 1578633710. It is truly a great explanation of native science and thought. Chemtrek is a laboratory text, written by Dr Stephen Thompson at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. The ISBN is 0-205-11913-1. This whole laboratory series is presented in a way that allows students to learn in many different modes with inquiry, action-based experiences. This author is not a native (He's British); but he thinks and teaches like one. I know Dr. Thompson personally, and he puts his student's education before anything else. While Chemtrek is a College-level text, the other title, Small-scale Chemistry Laboratory Manual by Thompson and Waterman is designed for High School level courses. That ISBN is 0201250071, and is somewhat harder to find. American Indian Contributions to the World by Emory Dean Keoke and Kay Marie Porterfield , ISBN 0816040524 is a super-duper reference to all kinds of native inventions that have changed the world. The Joseph Campbell and J.F. Bierlein books help bridge stories to science, and help understand the roots of our past. ISBN numbers are 0385418868 and 0345381467 respectively. I think I have listed all of the pertinent information for the book list, and hope it benefits you. Xest Xalxa, (Good Day, in Salish)

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