Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Painting Part 2

I said earlier I was painting, and this is the
series from the last week. i am using a watercolor notebook made by Moleskine. the first two look pretty bad, as far as I'm concerned. the clouds are lackluster and boring. The clouds in the second look like a crippled plesiosaur.

The First one is a hazy day here in the valley, the second is after I watched an eight minute You Tube video, and got some good ideas and came up with something pretty good, by my standards.

I have one last picture to show off, and that is the sort of southwest thing I managed to paint while my son was swimming for an hour at home. I did watch him swim, and paid attention to him, I was within 16 feet from him at all times. And the pool is only 2 1/2 feet deep.

I think it is a good thing to look at the way light works in watercolor paintings, because most of the paint is transparent, a great discussion of Lambert-Beers law and the interaction of light and matter can take place. One other thing I will mention is that I watched a video from Micheal Wilcox about mixing blue and yellow not making green and recieved some of the best scientific and artistic information on color theory ever. After looking at that and changing my paints somewht, I now usually can mix exactly what I want. It really is a pretty good system. And one of these days, I will break down and buy a set of those paints, instead of havng to make do with others. Who says Art and Science don't make a good pair? Shey Hoy. (by the way, I had a few formatting problems, so I hope this get out OK.)


doctorslime said...

What does " Shey Hoy " Mean BTW,
The badlands with clouds above is a very nice piece.

Is it an actual location? or an imagined vista?

Just Curious
AKA DoctorSlime

Salish Silver said...

I have about 4 quintillion places saved up in my head. I remember lots of places in many states of mind, and with that much data, sometimes there is a bit of crosslinking. Shey Hoy teanslated literally to "that's enough" as well as "this is where it stops", and has come to mean currently "The End."