Monday, April 7, 2008

One last note on Books!

I need to make a statement here on the book list and its addendum. I have specifically used titles I think will be attractive to a large audience. There are many more books I like but don't want on the list because I feel it may alienate a segment of the population. (Immigrants, you can figure this out for yourself or ask...) I have left out some books that are great, but tend to be inflammatory. Many of these titles include use of the words "racism" and "racist" far too much for my liking. I hope to move to a level above that and truly have meaningful discussions about what is appropriate science, and what the context and content should be for teaching. I say to everybody I talk to, "If the context fits, the content to fill that context is readily available." So anyone reading this blog should know that is my philosophy. E-mail me if you would like the optional list, I will get a list of authors sent back to you ASAP.

Xest snyaqukay (Good Afternoon in Salish. This blog doesn't allow me to use the Salish Font, so please bear with me.)

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