Monday, November 12, 2007

Field Trip

This week I'm on a field trip to a city, Milwaukee, WI to be exact. Cities are wonderful, smelly noisy places with an abundance of people and cars. I have found eight different ages of sidewalk between my hotel and the convention center. There are about 20 trees of three or four varieties along the streets. The noise is constant, and is keeping me awake while I try to sleep. Along the street smells of restaurants, sewers, the unwashed masses, the cologne of the upper classes, and the aroma of exhaust paint a picture of urban life. It makes me thankful that I live where I do, in rural Montana. It is a different kind of habitation for people there. Far many fewer of them, to start with. How is it where you live? Is your environment one that makes you happy? Healthy? Just a few thoughts from a traveling indigenist.

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