Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hi there!

Hi there, this is my new blog on indigenous science. What's that, you don't know what it is? Well, it is a place and activity based science that really defines who we are. I'm a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation. Which makes me, by federal description, an indian. Yep, a wagonburner. The reason I say that I'm an indian is that the federal government doesn't have a Federal Native American Policy, or a First American Policy, they only have Federal INDIAN Policy. I'm proud to be a citizen of this great county, and of a small minority that have a pedigree. In order to be a member of a tribe, you have to have blood quantum. Say a full blood marries a nonmember. The offspring would be half bloods. if the halfs married a full, the kids would be three fourths, and so on. That makes me indigenous, at least part of my blood is. also, I'm indigenous to Montana, because that's where I live. I know the area where I live pretty well, considering I've lived there the better part of 33 years. I like to study things and find out what I can. this usually takes a long time, because to know something, you have to really spend some quality time with it. I fish, and I'm sure some of you do to. Let's do some western science on your indigenousness. How many of you like to fish in streams or rivers? How many like to fish in Lakes or ponds? Of those that fish, probably half like each style. Or at least that's what I've found out. Another category? Who uses bait, and who uses lures? Who like to fish from the bank, or in a boat? Half of each again. now let's find out really specific and telling information, What kind of bait or color of lure is the best? Almost every one is different. Why, you might ask? Because the way you fish is dependent on how you learned to do it. this is where the scientists in the room really start deep meaningful discussions. How did you learn to fish, on your own, or did someone (a family member or friend) teach you how to go about it? Do you fish on cloudy or sunny days. Winter, spring, summer or fall? How do you go about deciding on what to use on a given day? You use your indigenous knowledge to do that. Today you might want to use a piece of cut bait, or your favorite blue and white stickbait. Something you have had luck before with, and have some confidence in. I'll let this digest before I go on. See you in a day or three.

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