Monday, January 7, 2008

Drums and Strings

What about drums? What about Strings? An interesting thought, I said to myself this morning. A stringed instrument can have different pitches, and by changing the length you can have a cacophony of sound from even one string. With six strings like a guitar? Should be enough differences for anyone. The string resonates and through whatever it is attached to, creates a pleasing melody if you are skilled enough. Or think you are skilled enough. A drum resonates much like a string, but instead of being a line, it forms a plane, with a fixed length and width and in the western sense, one tone. The depth of tone may be reflected as the heartbeat of the world, and for some be a primal link. Do planes or lines appeal to you? I like both. I have a banjo, which is the best of both worlds. Now if I can just find a tiny little drumstick... Sound is an integral part of an indigenous scientist's arsenal of senses, and a beautiful thing. Have you ever sat near a stream in late summer an just listened to the crickets, just to listen? Have you heard the wind blowing in the trees during a storm and heard the cries if the trees as they bend and break? or heard heavy snow as it falls? Rhythm in nature is always there, just waiting to be discovered. Try listening to a large spider in her web after she's caught something. Pretty interesting, if you ask me. If you are a first-time reader, please answer my poll on indigenous lower on the page. Later.

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