Friday, January 4, 2008

What type are you?

The other day I was driving down the road (this is Western Montana, where you HAVE to drive unless you live in town) and noticed the grasses on the side of the road. I saw short and tall grass stems. Interesting, I thought to myself, what are the ecological ramifications of being either a short or tall grass? As a short grass, you could spend much of your effort producing seeds quickly, and allowing them to fall only a short distance, but allowing you to cover the ground easily. If you opted for the tall grass, and invested in better seeds and greater height, you would be able to spread through a greater distance, and eventually filling in the spaces in between. Benefits and costs all along the way for either path. You know, with much room in the middle for others. Again, Nature tries all the myriad ways, and some succeed, some don't. If you can, search out the Red Queen Hypothesis and see what I feel the heart of ecology really is.

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