Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Indigelogy, maybe a better term.

I think I need to revise yesterday's term a little. Indigegogy would be the art or science of teaching a place, not very good. I think, if I have the definition right. Indigelogy would be the study of being or becoming indigenous, see also acculturation, enculturation. The process of being or becoming engendered. See also non-didactic. I have spent way too much time looking up definitions on and trying to assimilate them into a cohesive area of thought to define terms. It is very hard to provide a word to describe what I'm trying to do in my class. But the sun shines, and provides warmth, the rain and snow fall to provide drink, and the deer and elk are close enough to provide meat. The warmth is a big deal currently, as we are in the midst of one of the coldest times in recent years. The air is fairly clear, and crisp and cold, and if you breathe slow enough your nose doesn't freeze up. It is a beautiful time of the year, as the earth and plants rest for the coming spring, and a blanket of white covers the ground like a big fluffy comforter. I prefer down instead of snow, myself. I like this weather because it hopefully will be long enough to freeze some insects, keep snow in the mountains so we will have a good year of fishing, and it makes families spend time close together. In the native sense we tell stories, and shake hands with those we know when we meet them, hold medicine doings, and embrace the new year that comes after the winter solstice.

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